Turn Your Boring Basement Into a Beautiful Living Area

Discuss your design ideas with a basement contractor in Milliken, CO

Is your basement being used as a dumping ground for all the things you can't fit in the garage? Don't waste that valuable living space - transform your neglected basement into a lovely living area. Chesalon Builders is a proud provider of basement renovation services in Milliken, CO and surrounding areas.

Designing the blueprints, obtaining the permits, assisting with material shopping - we'll be by your side for every step of the preparation process.

Ask our basement contractor for a free estimate today. You can reach us at 970-344-8112.

Make your basement meet your needs

Make your basement meet your needs

Bringing your space to life doesn't have to be difficult. Just schedule basement renovation services from Chesalon Builders.

Your basement should be:

  • Functional - turn your dank space into a usable bedroom, bathroom, office, hobby room or at-home gym
  • Comfortable - let us install the necessary plumbing, electrical and HVAC equipment to make your space cozy
  • Beautiful - personalize your space by changing the flooring, painting the walls and adding built-in shelving

Ready to bring your basement to life? Set up a design consultation with a skilled basement contractor today.